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The Story of Resilienze For Life

In 1998 personal tragedy led me to completely rework the focus of the clinical and counselling services that I provided. Although I had worked with clients experiencing trauma and understood trauma and loss and grief well, I needed to become more resilient than I had ever needed to be in the past. i designed a model and a strategy to address the outcome of the trauma and build my personal resilience and my resilience in the face of this tragedy grew.

The model was then incorporated in treatment plans and implemented along with psychological evidence based therapy for clients. Over the past 20 years I have seen hundreds of clients transform their lives as they put real resilience strategies into practice. The domain resilienceforlife.com.au was registered in 2004 and the new name ResilienZe For Life was born that year.

Because of the changes the model of resilience for life created for others my work became centred on trauma and resilience. Research provides us with all the factors of resilience yet only a handful are ever used in a focussed manner. Research underpins the biological need for people to be connected to others and that communication is our road to connecting with others.  I developed validation communication which became a crucial component in a whole of life resilience strategy.  It has become clear over the years as I have completed my qualifications and continue my research in the field of resilience that resilience needs to mean more to us than being a word or an ideal.  My goal in 1998 was to manage my personal tragedy, then it became a goal for all my clients finally my goal today is to spread the word that we can all be resilient and learn strategies that create true resilience.

I am well known for using analogies in my work when explaining how we have come to understand resilience in 2018.  I regularly use an analogy because difficulties arise for clients due to the numerous definitions of resilience and the piecemeal treatment of resilience on the internet. This can lead to confusion about resilience and dilutes this powerful resource. To help others understand concepts of resilience, I often use the analogy of a car.

What is the point of having a car with all its wonderful components, that can be driven and appreciated, when it always sits in the garage looking good? The same can be said of resilience, because of research we can now confidently rely on for the evidence for the crucial factors to resilience. We need to put the box of bits together well for the resilience car to run,  to get it looking good and then learn how to use the pieces to get resilience working consistently in our lives.

In 2016 I commenced working on a ResilienZe For LIfe game, that has been well received both nationally and internationally.  Designed for clients, clinicians and the general public this game means that you will learn about resilience for life rapidly and begins your journey into lifelong resilienze. For more information on the game go to resilienzegame.com or resiliencegame.com.au.

Our Mission

To change the way you think about resilience and provide you with the keys to get the car (your resilience) permanently out of the garage and onto the road.




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Our Team

Judye Margetts

Principal Clinical Psychologist.  Founder and CEO.
BA (Psyc), Grad Dip (Psyc), M MHNursin Phd Candidate.

Memberships:MAPS, APA, ISSTD, ACMHN.

Judye Margetts is an accomplished clinical psychologist, focused on providing and developing resilience for everyone.  Judye’s life experiences inform and propel her career and testify to the resilience that can be achieved when it is placed as the goal of a life.

Judye maintains a  commitment to her dual professions of nursing and psychology. As an energetic clinical psychologist Judye has run her private practice for more than 20 years, bringing the focus of therapy to resilience for each of her patients. Judye has provided therapy over the years for depression, anxiety, personality issues, gender related issues, family therapy as well as working closely with survivors of trauma, including acts of terrorism, natural disasters, road trauma and those who have experienced domestic abuse. The importance of strengthening and revitalizing resilience for living forms the integral framework of all evidenced based therapy interventions. Judye’s client-oriented approach focuses on  showing clients how to use the therapy interventions for resilience creation and maintenance.

Developing a unique therapy instrument and resilience model 18 years ago has meant that clients have developed a focus on how easily resilience can be destroyed or re-established. This model is imbedded in the recent RESILIENZE FOR LIFE  game she launched in  January 2017 and the model underpins her current resilience research at Newcastle University.  Judye believes that although therapy will often ask us to consider how the past has influenced the present, retrospect or reflection in therapy should only identify points where change gives you the ability to live in a real world. Through evidenced based practice, understanding and attending to the grief that life brings,  therapy and focused management of ourselves and our relationships with others brings a life of resilience into focus.