Resilience For Life -Maintaining Your Motivation

Resilience - Everyone can benefit when you are resilient.The way we all think about our life and the events that occur in our life will impact our resilience for life.

Most of us would like an ideal life, however, ideal life is not real life. Life doesn’t come knocking on our door each morning and ask if we would mind having problems and issues today?

Real life just happens with some days being worse than others. How we think, how we act, and how we manage our emotions throughout each day will determine how resilient we can be or become.

I have often heard it said that to think positively will improve your resilience, but this is only part of resilience. There is much more to the thinking that is required for resilience.

For example, let’s say you were involved in a serious trauma, positive thinking is unlikely to help as things are now far more difficult than before and you need to make the adjustments in your life required by the trauma.

It’s better if we really focus on the gold that can be drawn from these situations.