Our Practitioners

Judye Margetts

Principal Clinical Psychologist.  CEO-Dynamic Resilience Pty. Ltd.
Clinical Psychologist  BA (Psyc), Grad Dip (Psyc), M MHNursin Phd Candidate.\
Member: APS, APA, ISSTD.

Judye Margetts is an accomplished clinical psychologist, focused on providing and developing resilience for everyone.  Judye’s life experiences inform and propel her career and testify to the resilience that can be achieved when it is placed as the goal of a life.

Judye maintains a  commitment to her dual professions of nursing and psychology. As an energetic clinical psychologist Judye has run her private practice for more than 20 years, bringing the focus of therapy to resilience for each of her patients. Judye has provided therapy over the years for depression, anxiety, personality issues, gender related issues, family therapy as well as working closely with survivors of trauma, including acts of terrorism, natural disasters, road trauma and those who have experienced domestic abuse. The importance of strengthening and revitalizing resilience for living forms the integral framework of all evidenced based therapy interventions. Judye’s client-oriented approach focuses on  showing clients how to use the therapy interventions for resilience creation and maintenance.

Developing a unique therapy instrument and resilience framework 18 years ago has meant that clients have developed a focus on how easily resilience can be destroyed or re-established. This framework is imbedded in the recent therapy game she launched in  January 2017 and underpins her Phd research.  Judye believes that although therapy will often ask us to consider how the past has influenced the present, retrospect or reflection in therapy should only identify points where change gives you the ability to live in a real world. Through evidenced based practice, understanding and attending to the grief that life brings,  therapy and focused management of ourselves and our relationships with others improves resilience.