Online Therapy

Online therapy can offer you different benefits compared to in-person (face to face) traditional therapy.

  • Convenience.  Online therapy means no need to travel to the office of your therapist and, can take pressure and worry out of your workday with less time away from the office and no  issues with traffic. When you choose online therapy you will have an allocated appointment time and the therapist will send you an email to login. That’s all it takes to begin online therapy.
  • Compared to traditional in-person therapy:  Online therapy with Resilience For Life is about the same price as   traditional (in office therapy.).  If you are not eligable for Medicare benefits, you can always choose to pay for the convenience of not leaving the workplace or your home.
  • Communicating over technology suits many younger adults.  Even people who use technology regularly will likely find a comfort in communicating online. Personal information is often very revealing and private,  using emails, webinars, and communicating over text provides a level of social interaction at a time that suits you. However using our online therapy option means that you can have all the benefits of the face to face over a secure video person to person connection.
  • Recent Medicare Initiative. Means that In some rural areas Medicare appointments conducted over the internet can be rebateable, This means that you  may only need one in office visit during the course of therapy. Thereby meaning you can access psychologists that would otherwise be out of reach because you are in a rural zoning. If you are a person with chronic illnesses or disabilities you may not be able to drive or easily able to leave their home. Online therapy may be an option for you?
Adapted from the American Psychological Association – Consumer Advice for Online Therapy.